Blood Appeal Review by Judith

My rating of five stars comes from the fact I love crime fiction books. Also I am very familiar with the localities mentioned in each book. An the unexpected twists and turns holds my interest.


Due Process Review by Marvon

I understand this is the first book written by Mr. O'Conner. That being said, I must say this book was very well written. The first four chapters set up the remainder of the book and was necessary, though I thought it was a bit boring with the details. As I progressed through the book, I found that the details were necessary to explain the "Hero's" thought process and his moral compass. Being an ex-police officer, I found it unusual to be rooting for the "bad guy". The way Mr. O'Connor ended the book, left little doubt the "Hero" would be back and I am anxiously awaiting his return.

Lawless Measures by Thomas RR

O’Connor hits the X ring again with his second book, Lawless Measures. Like his first book O’Connor quickly lays out the history of events the lead our hero to where he is in life now, an assassin. The main character, Walter Goe and his partner utilize intriguing strategies to accomplish their goals. This is an amazing read that will keep you up at night to read, “one more chapter.”

I met Mr. O’Connor at a book signing where I bought his 2nd and 3rd novels. I find it hard to imagine that the unassuming gentleman I meet has such violent & dark thoughts running through his mind. I can’t wait to start the third installment…

Thomas RRon

Blood Appeal Review by Korey Fergusonon

This is the greatest vigilante justice series I have ever read. As a former law enforcement officer and current investigator who studies forensic psychology, this series hits every mark on the entertainment scale you can imagine. I highly recommend you read them all.

Korey Fergusonon

Due Process Review by Thomas RR

O’Connor takes us into the world of an everyday “Joe” who becomes an assassin of the morally corrupt. The author does a marvellous job of laying out the motives for all actions the “hero” takes. The story is well written and at times O’Connor had me sitting on the edge of my sit. The book is a real page turner, hard to put down. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Thomas RR