Blue Edge

Torn between love and freedom to work alone and administer his brand of justice Walter reluctantly agrees to cohabit with Anna—what could go wrong, they are Palatini Knights fighting the same fight, in love, and lonely. A beautiful beginning soon revealed underlying problems, Walter's sense of being leashed combined with Anna's deep loyalty to the Palatini interfered with their relationship which became nonexistent as she prepared for an extended commitment on the Isles of Mann. Anna departed with mixed emotions while Walter felt a sense of relief. She left him with an assignment which required a new identity. He became Hunter, a mysterious man of the street—it didn't fool his old antagonist, Detective B.A. Ware. While working his Palatini assignment, a criminal Red Market scam, timing provided Hunter the opportunity to keep a promise he'd made to a little girl he'd never met. Happenstance provided him a new partner he needed and temptation he didn't need.

The end is a mindblower. I've followed the Palatini series since the beginning, and I didn't see it coming—nor will you.

Walter Grant, Author 

Blood Appeal


After assisting in taking down a Mafia operated porn and sex ring using underage girls in Toronto, Palatini Knight, Walter Eloy Goe, needs to kick back and wind down. How better than with a “little more than” friend, Joyce Farmer, in sleepy little Shell Knob, Missouri where headlines of the weekly paper are comprised of simple news like birthdays, vegetable gardens, and too much or too little rain. Shortly after checking into Miss Farmer's Lakeside Resort a disturbing 911 call comes into the local sheriff, “I've's got me a body layin' out here, and she's a-lookin' deader ‘n' hell.” News of a young girl, dead and laid out naked in a patch of blackberry brambles, spreads like wildfire and panics the community. No one can remember such a brutal, cold-blooded murder ever occurring in this quiet little town. Just like that, Walter, a stranger to the community and newly arrived guest of Miss Farmer, becomes a person of interest to the Barry County Sheriff. Walter must solve the case before incriminating secrets from his shadowy past can be discovered. He acquires useful information by assisting a local, inexperienced, newspaper reporter to uncover nefarious circumstances, unknown and unsuspected by law-abiding citizens of this community. Two Palatini associates come to his rescue. The trio discover they are playing a game that has put them in harm's way as they follow a trail of corruption, greed, and murder from Missouri to Alaska and back, all the while leaving bodies in their wake.











Due Process

Enter the realm of a serial killer; share his thoughts, his emotions, his pain, and his need to assassinate. Walter, an ordinary factory worker, obsessing over the mistreatment of victims by the courts becomes a vigilante for justice. Appalled by adjudicators coddling criminals under the guise of civil rights, Walter factors himself in as a lethal consequence for depraved individuals walking out of court with a-slap-on-the-wrist as punishment for heinous crimes. He has no particular skill-sets qualifying him to fight crime. He relies on cunning, isolation, and his hunting and tracking skills to take down targets and bring about his form of justice. A kaleidoscope of dreams and apparitions thrusts Walter into a nightmarish world where the lines of good and evil are discernible. When applying justice he finds right and wrong interchangeable; body count is his only measure of success.















Lawless Measures

Walter Eloy Goe, crime fighter and vigilante for justice, takes on a Palatini project aimed at eliminating the Mafias’ sex trafficking of underage girls along the New York and Canadian border. The operation morphs into an all-out war when the Palatini’s lead asset for the project, Anna Sasins, goes missing and is presumed murdered by the Abbandanza crime family. Walter splits with the Palatini Knighthood when he’s ordered by Society Palatini Grand Master, Maximillian Karnage, to abandon Anna and to tie off the operation. Walter takes his one-man war to the mob in methods they understand. Body count climbs as he abducts and interrogates mobsters’ mafia style. The war heats up when two Palatini Knights join Walter in his lust for blood. Together they set out to revenge Anna’s death and to annihilate the Toronto based crime family engaged in the sex trade involving kidnapped underage girls.















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    Found myself rooting for a serial killer! I believe that Lyle O'Connor is a superb story teller I was pulled into this to the point
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  • by Korey Ferguson

    This is the greatest vigilante justice series I have ever read. As a former law enforcement officer and current investigator who studies forensic psychology, this
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    O’Connor hits the X ring again with his second book, Lawless Measures. Like his first book O’Connor quickly lays out the history of events the
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