Lyle O’Connor left his childhood home in The Dalles, Oregon for a tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force. With an honorable discharge in hand he entered the private security field. He reengaged his educational interests earning a Bachelor Degree and his niche in the behavioral health field. His career in forensic psychiatrics and adolescent behavioral health spanned more than twenty years.

Lyle retired in 2008 from State employment at Alaska Psychiatric Institute. He re-entered the work force providing infrastructure security in the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay. Here, in the frozen wastelands of the arctic, he found solitude and time for reflection. His chosen profession offered a glimpse into the criminal mind and introduced him to the justice system which provided the basics for his vigilante crime writing. Lyle raises the level of crime novels to new heights. He is the New Master of Crime Thrillers.


  • by Glenda Beck

    Found myself rooting for a serial killer! I believe that Lyle O'Connor is a superb story teller I was pulled into this to the point
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  • by Korey Ferguson

    This is the greatest vigilante justice series I have ever read. As a former law enforcement officer and current investigator who studies forensic psychology, this
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  • by Thomas RR

    O’Connor hits the X ring again with his second book, Lawless Measures. Like his first book O’Connor quickly lays out the history of events the
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